Why electric car tires should be different

One of the characteristics that differentiate an electric car from a combustion car is the weight, due to its batteries, which represents a significant increase in the load on the tires. This greater load generates greater inertia due to the increase in mass in motion, which implies a longer braking distance. So special attention must be paid to the grip of the tire since it will be greater than in a combustion tire.

This grip also plays a fundamental role in the greater acceleration that this type of car has, because its entire engine torque is derived to the wheels practically instantaneously. Of course, and according to the DGT, a greater load and better grip They imply that its structure must be considerably reinforced to withstand all this demand. In addition, the rubber compound is also different, to provide maximum robustness.

The absence of noise when driving in an electric vehicle becomes another added problem for tire manufacturers aimed at these cars. And 70% of the sound generated by an electric car comes from the wheels and not from the engine. Likewise, manufacturers work on tire compounds and patterns that are as quiet as possible, to try not to contribute to the increase in noise when an electric vehicle is driving and to ensure that, on board, the driving experience remains as pleasant and silent as a vehicle of this type. type can provide.

Tires for electric cars also have much more advanced technology in their construction, due to all of the above. To begin with, an attempt is made to save weight, with various forms of lightening. And in order to increase their rigidity, they have a double-layer casing, compared to the single-layer casing that combustion cars usually have.

The pattern and water evacuation patterns arranged on the tread are also different, due to the greater weight of the car and the complication that this entails when evacuating water in case of driving in rain or wet asphalt. Therefore, and in summary, these tires are designed to offer the lowest rolling resistance, which provides a better compromise between rolling noise and wear. As if the requirements for a good EV tire were few, they must also contribute to increasing the autonomy of the electric vehicle. And in fact, they do, since with them you can gain up to 7% more total autonomy, which also translates into greater profitability per use.

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