UD Fuente de Cantos snatches the ‘Great Tentudía derby’ from ‘Mone’

The Fuente de Cantos Sports Union took from him this past Sunday, April 3, the ‘Great Tentudía derby‘ al Monesterio Sports Club. The great sporting event in the region over the weekend was held at the Francisco de Zurbarán Stadium in Fuente de Cantos, and ended with a score of three goals to onewhich gave the victory to the locals.

Yellow and green faced this penultimate league match with determination. It was not the first time this season that they saw each other’s faces. They already did it on December 12, when the competition brought the Fuente de Cantos Sports Union to the Municipal of Monesterio. It was the first time in many years that these old rivals had seen each other on the pitch. And the door was left open due to the 0-0 draw with which the match ended.

However, the same did not happen on Sunday, and the balance tipped in favor of the greens. Far from distributing points, UD Fuente de Cantos managed to bag the three that were at stake at home.

A goal in the 17th minute from the Argentine Marcel Alan He overtook the locals. Shortly after, in the 27th, Zidane He managed to get up another score and lead his team by two goals to zero. The last of the greens would arrive three minutes later in the form of penalty. Was Juan Carlos Aguinacocaptain of the Union, the author of the same.

Despite this, this would not be the last of the morning. The yellows, although in very unfavorable conditions, continued trying. As a result of this, the Monesterian Alvaro Naranjo managed to sneak the ball into the Fuentecantilla goal just before the referee signaled the end of the first half.

From there, there would be 45 exciting minutes of football left. no activity on the scoreboardalthough with some shots on goal and plays that did not materialize into a goal.

As a result, a three to one that served the UD Fuente de Cantos to establish itself as second in the ranking by adding three more points; and CP Monesterio to perpetuate his eleventh place and be forced to play the playoffs for permanence.

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