Three cheap ECO cars to access low emission zones

More and more drivers are interested in cars with an ECO label to “get around” restrictions and move freely through low-emission zones without exposing themselves to fines. However, it is not easy to access a model with these characteristics because they usually have a very high price. Therefore, from Autocasión Three very cheap models stand out.

First of all is the third generation of the Fiat Panda, which introduces a light hybridization system that would allow the Italian brand’s legendary utility vehicle to display the ECO label on the windshield. The Fiat Panda Hybrid has a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine that develops 69 HP of power. The features are amazing but in exchange we have a car that consumes very little fuel. In addition, it stands out for its practical bodywork. It is available from 9,350 euros and has a promotion with which you can get it for 79 euros per month.

Secondly, the Dacia Sandero is already a classic in the lists of cheap cars. The latest generation has taken a huge leap in quality and its image is no longer that of a Low Cost car. Correct finishes and materials and, if we want, quite complete equipment. The Dacia Sandero with the ECO label has a 100 HP gasoline engine and does not have hybridization of any kind, but it can run on LPG. It is available from 13,790 euros.

Finally, and although it is not a model well known to the general public, the Suzuki Ignis is an excellent option for its practicality, low consumption and off-road performance. It has a ground clearance of 18 centimeters, more than what many SUVs offer, and can have an all-wheel drive system. It has an 84 HP gasoline engine with a mild hybridization system and is available with manual or automatic transmission. The price list starts at 17,973 euros.

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