They open an investigation into the irregular situation of four Colombian players from CP Monesterio

Friday, February 3, 2023, 12:56

The Monastery had a big shock last Tuesday. The club received the visit of the Labor Inspection and the National Police in relation to an investigation into the possible irregular situation of four players of Colombian nationality from their squad. This is a routine control carried out by the Badajoz Provincial Immigration and Border Brigade together with the Labor Inspection in all clubs with foreign players. The National Police confirm that in the case of the Monesterio the presence of four people in an irregular situation had been detected and an administrative file has been initiated. The four players have been summoned to present their documentation to the competent body. The Monesterio is active in the Primera Extremadura and is exposed to a sanction, although this case is still in the investigation process and it will be the Government Subdelegation that will issue its resolution.

The board of directors of the Monastery were surprised by the way in which they proceeded, since as they maintain, as far as federation purposes are concerned, everything is in order. (…)

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