The ‘Tentudía-Ankay Cycling School’ is born

With the arrival of the new year, the Puerto Lobo Tentudía Sports Club and the local company Ankay Bike have decided to join forces and launch a new project. It will be from next January 1 when the so-called ‘Tentudía-Ankay Cycling School’, the result of the collaboration agreement between both entities. The bicycle establishment based in Monesterio will thus become the official headquarters of the school and a fundamental pillar of the project, becoming the sole sponsor.

Antonio Calderón from Ankay Bike, points out that the objective of this agreement is to be a «bet on the regional quarry»since their senior team, Ankay Team, will be the continuity for the young promises of the ‘Tentudía-Ankay Cycling School’.

The Puerto Lobo Sports Club launched the Tentudía Regional Cycling School in the 2017-2018 season, four years ago now, and since its creation it has been approved by the Extremadura Cycling Federation. Fifty students and a dozen instructors have passed through it, in addition to having the help of various sponsors, among which is Ankay Bike, which has now decided to take a step forward and become part of the wolf family.

21 students

As explained by the Sports Club itself, the axis of its activity in the Region takes place in the towns of Bodonal de la Sierra, Cabeza la Vaca and Monesterio. Furthermore, for this new course they already have 21 students, from seven different towns in the region.

The parents of the students have an active role in their children’s sports activity, since the gatherings, training sessions and competitions are held in different places and, in many cases, they must travel individually. The most important tests, such as the Autonomous Judex, have the support of the Extremadura Cycling Federation, which finances transportation.

The modality practiced by the school’s students in a federated manner and in competitions is XCO, an Olympic modality that consists of lapping a circuit of between 1,000 and 2,000 meters. They also carry out outings through different places in the Region and older students participate in road tests.

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