The serious fine you face for picking up your cell phone while driving

Once again, despite the risk involved and the loss of 6 points of the license it entails, the most numerous violation among drivers continues to be driving and using a mobile phone at the same time. The DGT has become very strict and the fine is now only for holding the device with your hand. However, 30% of drivers still do it. The proliferation of social networks, dependence on mobile phones and immediacy are harmful elements while driving, so It will also be 500 euros of economic sanction.

Thus, this means that if we are driving and we have our cell phone in our hand, even if we are not using it to call, to write a message or to consult any information, it will be sufficient reason for them to fine us. HE thus eliminates the possible legal problem of “interpretation by the agent.”

Although the cell phone can be used while driving as long as you take a series of precautions. For example, safety regulations must be faithfully followed. The operation of any electronic device while driving is totally prohibited, including the phone and GPS, as long as it involves removing your hands from the wheel. However, it is legal to do so with a hands-free or voice control. It will also not be legal to use it in a traffic jam or stopped at a traffic light.

Another point that we have to take into account is where we place the mobile phone to be able to see it. It has to be completely in front of us so that we don’t have to take our eyes off the road. You also have to adjust the brightness of the screen so that there are no reflections and that it is seen clearly and with contrast. Avoid automatic brightness.

As far as possible we should have our mobile phone 100% charged before going on a trip. If this is not the case, we will have to charge it from the car using external batteries, the car’s USB port or the car cigarette lighter. In any of the above cases we have to be careful and place the cable so that it does not interfere with our movements or get tangled with the gear lever.

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