The Popular Cross of Monesterio will be celebrated this year on August 26

Thursday, June 22, 2023, 8:00 p.m.

Today the 3rd edition of the Provincial Circuit of Popular Races was presented in the Provincial Council of Badajoz, which will stop at 12 towns in the province, among which is Monesterio.

The Circuit will begin on August 19 in Berlanga and will conclude on November 12 in Cabeza la Vaca. It will arrive in Monesterio on August 26 in what will be the XXXIII edition of his Popular Cross, which last year managed to bring together more than 300 athletes. Other towns that it will pass through in addition to Monesterio will be Don Benito, Llerena, Mérida, Fregenal de la Sierra, Zafra, Olivenza, Cabeza del Buey, Navalvillar de Pea and Fuente del Maestre, as announced by the Provincial Council itself in a press release.

The Deputy for Culture and Sports, Francisco Martos, highlighted in his presentation that his area has always thought about the best way to energize sport with all its values ​​and, at the same time, energize the territory. “We always count on the driving force of the sports federations and the collaboration of the Government of Extremadura,” he said. He has also added that the towns where the circuit takes place have understood the meaning of these circuit tests that are part of the Federation’s calendar.

The vice president of the Extremadura Athletics Federation, Mariola Álvarez, has pointed out that “it is a very nice circuit because it takes us to towns that do not have an athletics club or tracks, but where there are a lot of fans.” For Álvarez, it is an opportunity to get the little ones interested in practicing sports.

Now it is the turn of each City Council, which will be the one to establish the categories and the maximum number of participants.

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