The IX Duathlon-Cross returns to Monesterio on November 6

The ninth edition of the Monesterio Duathlon-Cross will be held in the town on November 6. This is one of the events of the ‘Badajoz Duathlon Provincial Cup’ that will bring hundreds of duathletes from across the region to the vicinity of the Municipal Football Stadium and the ‘El Tejar’ sports courts.

The test, in which athletes of all categories can participate, includes two modalities: the individual super sprint race and the pair sprint. For those born in 2005 and earlier who opt for the first, a route of 3.8 kilometers on foot, 11.5 kilometers by bicycle and 1.3 kilometers, again, running, has been designed. The pairs test, for those born in 2003 and earlier, varies considerably, and they will have to complete a sequence of 5.5, 22.5 and 3.5 kilometers in the same order as the previous ones.


The organization has awarded a trophy and prize in Iberian products to the first three finishers in the individual event, in the women’s and men’s modalities. In addition, there will be a trophy for first and medals for second and third place in the cadet, junior, sub-23, senior and veteran categories.

In the pairs competition, there will only be a trophy and prize in Iberian products for the first three pairs, without distinction by category, in the male, female and mixed modalities.

To participate, it is necessary to register on the Extremadura Triathlon Federation website. The fee is 16 euros for non-federated members. All participants will receive gifts.

Youth Duathlon

In the afternoon, it will be the turn of the smallest duathletes. Prebenjamines, benjamines, juveniles, children and cadets will complete a hybrid route, on foot and by bicycle, adapted to their age. Registration for federated members will be free and for non-federated members it will cost 5 euros.

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