The Honda Civic Type R achieves a new record on the Nürburgring circuit

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R, which has just been launched to great praise around the world. But it has also just achieved the lap record for a production car with front-wheel drive on the famous 20.8 km stretch, the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring circuit.

On March 24, 2023, members of the Civic Type R development team completed a lap of 7 minutes and 44:881 seconds at the German circuit, popularly known as “Grüne Hölle” or “Green Hell.” This makes it the fastest front-wheel drive production car. This time was achieved on the new circuit layout, which since 2019 is somewhat longer than the previous layout (20.8 km).

The Type R that has achieved the lap record incorporates a powerful 2.0l turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 329 HP and 420 Nm of torque. With a renewed six-speed manual transmission, it is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.4 seconds and reaching a top speed of 275 km/h.

The new exterior design of the 2023 Civic Type R has also contributed to this record lap time with sophisticated aerodynamic solutions, such as the high angle of the rear wing and complex underbody elements, which combine to generate real downforce.

Additionally, the 35mm longer wheelbase compared to the previous Type R and multi-link rear suspension have combined with a significantly wider track to provide greater cornering stability than its predecessor (and has been perfected after repeated tests carried out both on the highway and on the Nürburgring circuit).

“The Civic Type R was developed under the ‘Definitive Sports Car 2.0’ concept, with the aim of becoming the definitive front-wheel drive sports car, inspiring confidence and excitement in drivers, and in a way that touches their hearts,” he explains. Hideki Kakinuma, Large Project Leader of the Civic Type R, who adds: “Since the launch of the Civic Type R in 2022, we have received a very positive response around the world, even far exceeding our expectations. However, we had a pending mission that we had to tackle: to make it the fastest front-wheel drive car on the Nürburgring circuit.

«Six years after the previous generation, we have achieved a new dimension in the evolution of the Type R and the passion we put into it. To those who already own our latest Civic Type R and those who will become owners, we truly hope you love it and enjoy the ride. Civic Type R»

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