The DGT hopes to have the rules for autonomous cars in 2024

The General Directorate of Traffic expects by 2024 the approval of the Royal Decree that will establish the technical requirements for the circulation of vehicles with SAE levels of autonomous driving systems 4 and 5, which would mean the possibility of cars with complete automation.

This has been detailed by the Deputy Deputy Director General of Vehicles of the DGT, Susana Gómez, within the framework of the presentation of the Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Barometer of the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac), where she highlighted that in countries such as Germany or France this level (SAE 4) of driving systems Autonomous driving is already established, while pointing out that the future Royal Decree will equate the autonomous driving system with the figure of the driver.

For their part, manufacturers defend that they are technologically prepared to put autonomous models on sale with SAE 4 and higher technologies, but the regulatory framework in Spain does not currently allow their circulation.

Currently, 75% of passenger car models can already incorporate the technology necessary for an SAE 2 degree of autonomy, mainly aimed at guaranteeing road safety for users and pedestrians, they maintain from Handy.

As explained by José López-Tafall, general director of ANFAC, “it is essential that Spain advances to become a reference for autonomous and connected vehicles. The effort made by manufacturers must be accompanied by regulatory development. It is of no use for manufacturers to be able to have sufficient technology to be able to produce models with the highest levels of automation, if they cannot then circulate on our roads because there is no regulatory framework that enables it.

As highlighted in the barometer, all types of vehicles already have an offer with SAE level 2, highlighting the case of passenger cars with 75% of the current offer and with a focus on the incorporation of functionalities aimed at improvement of road safety, guaranteeing the protection of users and pedestrians.

Likewise, the results of the barometer indicate that brands can now implement technology from SAE 3 onwards in their vehicles, above the current regulation. In this sense, the European homologation regulation adapted, hand in hand with the General Safety Regulation, the requirements up to “partially automated” driving or SAE level 2, with the incorporation of driving assistance safety systems (ADAS). ) that contribute to the improvement of active safety (AEBS, ESP, ISA,…), passive (ISOFIX, airbags, cabin design,…) and tertiary safety (eCall, EDR,…). The technical progress made by manufacturers has been ahead of regulation, allowing, in recent years, to incorporate new functions that, together, go beyond SAE 2, but without reaching an SAE 3 level.

Once the regulation is published, manufacturers will be able to put vehicles with that capacity on the market, something that according to the general director of Anfac, José López-Tafall, is already possible, thanks to technology. However, DGT Susana Gómez does not believe that cars with SAE level 5 autonomy will be seen on Spanish roads next year.

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