The basketball competition leaves three games won and three lost this Saturday in Monesterio

New weekend in which the Monesterio basketball teams leave the balance balanced, with three games won and three lost.

The basketball competition was played, almost entirely, on the morning of this Saturday, November 20, with the exception of the senior team, which played in the afternoon at the Municipal Pavilion. The junior women’s team and the women’s children’s team played in Azuaga; while the male junior, the male cadet and the male infant traveled to Almendralejo.

He women’s junior of the AB Monesterio, played on Saturday morning at the Emilio García Pavilion against the PMD Azuagawhich he failed to defeat. 60-28 It was the result of the score. Monesterio’s juniors continue at the tail of his groupwith 5 points, equal with Colegio San José.

He men’s junior team traveled to the Europe Pavilion in Almendralejo, to play a meeting with the BTB Junior Masculino Bwhich was imposed 40-82 points. A great victory for the Monesterio juniors, which places them as group third partieswith 9 points and equal with EDM Villafranca.

Los male cadets They also traveled to Almendralejo and also won. They left a marker 18-68 points against him BTB Male Cadet B. In this competition, those from Monesterio go group secondswith 11 points, only behind CB Maimona.

He female child He was not so lucky on his visit to Emilio García de Azuaga, where they left a marker 31-22. By just 9 points they did not achieve victory against PMD Azuaga. The children of Monesterio go group roomswith 5 points, equal with CB Sajra, which is in sixth and last position.

He male child This Saturday he faced the Almendralejo Basketball Union in the European Pavilion, which he won and closed the record. 5-55 was the result of a meeting in which the Monesterio children demonstrated once again why they are going first in groupwith 11 points.

By just seven points the Monesterio senior team did not prevail this Saturday CB Campiña Sur de Llerena in the Municipal Pavilion of Monesterio. 52-59 It was the result of the score of an interesting match framed in the Badajoz Provincial Trophy. After this match, AB Monesterio continues for another week at the bottom of their group standingswith 6 points.

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