Provinces with drivers with fewer, or no, points on their driving license

It seems like the easiest option for drivers. Out of a figure of 27,727,838 drivers registered throughout the national territory, 1,832,343 drivers have less than 11 points on their driving license or have a 0 balance, according to the DGT statistical portal. A very alarming statisticto which we add that the province with the highest percentage of drivers with a balance of less than 11 points is Pontevedra, with 8.72%, followed by Gipuzkoa, with 5.01% of its driver census in that situation.

“The data are similar in recent years, with the drivers’ priority being to take a course that allows them to quickly recover their points and avoid being left without a permit,” explains the director of IMOVIAL, Alfredo Campa. “I want to highlight the high degree of satisfaction of the students at the end of the courses, at least in the driving schools that collaborate with IMOVIAL,” he adds.

«During the courses, the teachers address in great depth the main causes of accidents, with special attention to drugs, alcohol and the inappropriate use of medications, they deal with risk factors such as speed and distractions (including mobile phone use while driving)”, he continues.

For its part, Julia Barrera, owner and teacher of the Julia driving school in Almendralejo (Badajoz), details that they try to “raise awareness as a first option. The students already know how to drive, it is only a matter of them knowing the risks, respecting and taking into account that traffic, as drivers or pedestrians, is a space where we all live together, young people, children, adults. “Making our mobility friendlier and healthier is our goal as trainers.”

Currently, taking a partial recovery course allows us to recover up to 6 points on the driving license. These are taught by centers authorized by the DGT, since the entry into force of Royal Decree-Law 5/2023. Previously, these centers, 360 throughout Spain, with the exception of the Basque Country and Catalonia, were regulated by a concession system. Now, since September 25, they have become regulated by an administrative authorization system, which has expanded the number of authorized teaching centers, allowing drivers to more easily access these courses, in a center close to their home.

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