Niko Shera’s car: “Aesthetics come first, visually it has to catch my attention”

Nikolov Sherazadishvili, better known as Niko Shera, is an elite athlete, one of the best judokas in Europe, silver medal in the U21 World Championship in 2014 and 2015, gold medal in the Absolute World Championship in 2018, currently number 1 in the World Ranking, Olympic Ranking for third consecutive year and two-time champion of the World Championship. At 27 years old, although he does not consider himself a car enthusiast, he admits to this newspaper that “I do like comfortable and beautiful cars on the outside.”

The Spanish judoka got his driving license at the age of 20, “a little late, but because of competitions and travel he put it off and put it off,” he details; and he remembers that he approved first time “good with zero faults”. His first car was a Jeep, a model with which he drove for the first time, on a long trip, to Casteldefels.

He currently drives a Toyota RAV4 Electric Hybrid, a model about which “many things” stand out. Specifically, “the comfort and that it runs very smoothly, inside with a large enough screen to see the reversing camera and GPS well; and lastly, its good speakers to listen to good music,” he details.

Niko Shera in his RAV4 Electric Hybrid


Niko Shera’s car: “Aesthetics come first, visually it has to catch my attention”

For all this, the two-time champion recognizes that his car “has improved expectations” over what he thought before purchasing it. In fact, he is one of those who when choosing a car, “for me the first thing is aesthetics, visually it has to catch my attention; and then mechanics and emissions alike,” he adds.

Features of the RAV4 Electric Hybrid

Niko Shera with his RAV4 Electric Hybrid



: 218CV

Average consumption

: 5,7 l/100km

Measurements (length/width/height, in meters)

: 4,6/1,63/1,69


: 580 liters, up to 733

Maximum speed

: 180km/h


: 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds


: from 45,650 euros

In his garage he only keeps a car and a bicycle, as he emphasizes that “not the motorcycle is better yet.”

Likewise, Shera, depending on whether or not it is a long trip ahead of him, prefers to go as a passenger. What’s more, he admits to being “confident, I fall asleep easily”, he is not one of those who spends the day warning of dangers, for example.

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