‘Mone’ plays the first leg today to remain in the Primera Extremadura

Sunday, April 17, 2022, 12:10

He Monesterio Sports Club plays this Sunday morning, April 17, starting at 12:30 p.m. at the Municipal, the Going match for remaining in the Extremadura First Division. He does it in front of Valdefuentes Sports Associationafter chance would have it in the playoff draw between eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh held by the Extremadura Football Federation last Monday.

This first leg at home will be the yellow team’s first contact with an unknown team, from Group I of the Extremadura First Division, and ranked eighth in their ranking. Today’s meeting and the return match make up the first round of the three that make up the permanence phase. The regulations establish that the team that is victorious will have insured one more year in the category. If not, the losing teams in the first round will still have the other two rounds to continue fighting for permanence. The last of them will be the one that decides who descends to the Second Division of Extremadura.

Hence the importance of today’s match for Bielsa’s team. What happens today in the Municipal will be determinant facing the return match in Valdefuentes. For this reason, the club has called on the yellow fans to «our stands are full and not even a pin can fit». Why “We are risking staying in the category and you have to score the first goal”they say, referring to the yellow followers.

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