‘Mone’ falls by three goals to one in Solana

CP Monesterio lost the long-awaited three points it had at stake on the morning of this Sunday, February 6, in what was its fifteenth league matchday. He did it at home, in Municipality of Solana de los BarrosAlfredo Arnés Luna, in a match that began at 12:30 noon.

The match started in the best way for the yellows. The playing time had barely started on the clock when, in the 8th minute, the Monesteriense Álvaro Naranjo managed to convert a penalty into a goal. A joy that would end a few minutes before the break, when the boots of the Solan player, Javier Ortiz, scored the tie in the 36th minute.

The tone of the second half was quite different from the first. The spirit of Bielsa’s team, to put the game back in their pocket, faded in the 50th minute, when Rubén Casallo, from EMD Solana, made the 2-1. The last goal that would seal the defeat for ‘Mone’, with three goals to one, came in the 75th minute. It was the work of Antonio Trigo.

This Sunday’s meeting between CP Monesterio and EMD Solana was marked by the referee sanctions to both teams. A double yellow card left the home team with eleven from the 52nd minute. History would repeat itself in the 63rd minute with the expulsion of another Solana player, also for a double yellow. Finally, in the 90th minute, one player from each team was sent off.

Tenths, in a situation of danger

The yellows returned home with a new defeat that made them lose three points. Although with one less game, they remain tenth in the ranking, with 11 points, after last week’s draw at home. CD Santa Marta follows very closely, with 10 points. They thus place themselves in a dangerous position.

CP Monesterio wanted to highlight their gratitude to the Solana health worker, Isa Merchán, for the care provided to Ferni, who received a blow to the head and had to be taken to the hospital to be treated in the emergency room. Luckily, he was only scared and the player is in perfect condition.

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