Lighting, brakes and tires, the most common failures in trucks and vans

Lighting, brakes and tires are the three chapters where the most defects are detected in trucks and vans in the Madrid ITV.

Trucks and vans are the second type of vehicle that circulates the most on Spanish roads, so “the detection of possible technical defects that they may present and ensuring that they circulate in optimal conditions is essential for the safety of all road users.” public,” said Jorge Soriano, president of AEMA-ITV.

The Association of Entities for the Technical Inspection of Vehicles of the Community of Madrid, AEMA-ITV, remember the importance of having the ITV in force to save lives. In this sense, it emphasizes the need to pass this technical inspection on trucks and vans, vehicles involved in 16% of road accidents with victims, according to data from the DGT.

According to data provided by the Vehicle Archive of the Community of Madrid to AEMA-ITV in relation to the third quarter of this year, around 7% of vehicles intended for the transport of goods with a maximum authorized load of less than 3,500 kg presented defects. serious problems in lighting and signaling; just over 2% in the brakes and almost 4% in the axles, wheels, tires and suspension chapter, with just over 80% of this type of vehicles passing the ITV on the first try.

For its part, during this same period, just over 10% of the trucks with a maximum authorized weight of more than 3,500 kg inspected were rejected in the brakes chapter; 9.5% in lighting and signaling and almost 5% in axles, wheels, tires and suspension. Likewise, the data shows that almost 76% of this type of vehicles had a favorable result during the first inspection at the Madrid ITV.

Driving and rest hours, excess weight or the safety of the transported cargo are also some of the important factors that truck and van drivers must take into account for their safety and that of other users.

It should be remembered that vans and trucks play a fundamental role in the logistics and distribution of essential goods such as food, medicines, manufactured products and raw materials, which makes them key vehicles for the development of society and that they have their ITV up to date. It is a guarantee of security for everyone.

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