Javier Domínguez was the great winner of the II Tentudía Climb

Thursday, October 13, 2022, 8:58 p.m.

The driver of the MotorClub Jerez de los Caballeros, Javier Domínguez, took the victory in the second edition of the Subida a Tentudía, which was held on the afternoon of last Saturday, October 8.

With a great advantage over the rest of the participants, already in the training rounds Domínguez imposed his law with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and in the two official laps he was absolutely unbeatable, stopping the clock in two minutes and fifteen seconds, according to the Federation itself. Extremadura Motorsports (Fexa) in a press release. It is a victory that, in the absence of the appropriate discards, grants him the Mountain championship in the Touring Car category.

Second place was more disputed during the second pass of the day with a nice battle between David Navarro of the Escudería Faro de Extremadura and Javier Mesa of the aforementioned Jerez motorclub. Javier Mesa was just 9 hundredths behind second place.


The II Climb to Tentudía had an important list of entries, not only in passenger cars, but also in single-seaters. There were 6 vehicles of these characteristics that ran from kilometer 4,530 to km. 8,200 of the BA-039 highway. “It was quite a visual spectacle,” says Fexa. The winner in this category was Antonio Gutiérrez, with the Demoncar R-j2. He obtained an advantage of less than 5 tenths over his pursuer, Vicente Gascón with the Semog Pro1, who arrived leading the Mountain championship in his category. Third place went to the driver José Carlos Portalo who, with his Mvracing Car Cross, has accustomed his audience to seeing him on the autocross podiums and last Saturday he once again showed that he is not bad at the asphalt either.

Regularity Sport High Stockings

In the Regularity Sport High Socks category, the winners were Gabriel Nieto, father and son, with 99.6 points, followed by María Bélmez and María Teresa Rivero (130.2). Third place went to Juan Carlos Fonseca and Verónica Venegas (144.1)

Organized by the Ráfagas Racing, Culebrín-Pallares, Faro de Extremadura, MotorClub Jerez de los Caballeros, MotorClub Fuente de Cantos, and Volantia Racing Club teams, the Upload to Tentudía was once again a draw for motor lovers. “This year, finally, the gutters were able to fill with fans after the ban on attendance due to the pandemic in the last edition,” Fexa states with satisfaction.

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