Getting dirty or changing the music: The most irritating habits of co-pilots

There are situations that can drive anyone crazy while driving. Have you ever missed the exit because you were not given the correct directions? Did your ex always take away your favorite songs? These are just some of the most irritating actions between pilot and co-pilot. In fact, according to the Shopopop survey, the fact that the co-pilot changes the music we are listening to when our favorite song plays is one of the moments that most bothers drivers, with 69.3% of people indicating that it irritates them. Close to this figure, 61.3% of respondents point out that one of the worst things the co-driver can do is dirty the car when it has just been cleaned.

Of course, there is also a lot to say about the moment of interaction during the journey, and here there is a division of opinion between those who prefer to chat with their co-pilot and those who love silence. While 37.5% find it bothersome that their co-pilot talks more than necessary, for 36.4% listening is not a problem. Likewise, 42% have no problem if their co-pilot falls asleep, while for 38.7% it can be irritating.

As to the most hated moments For drivers who travel accompanied, they take the podium with a tie that the co-driver constantly asks to stop (32.6%) and does not indicate the exit correctly (32.6%). Thirdly, many drivers also complain that their co-driver reminds them of GPS directions continuously (29.2%).

Finally, Shopopop has put together some of the funniest anecdotes driving with an ex. Among the most surprising, one of the people surveyed points out that her ex-partner had the habit of tapping her thigh twice every time she changed gears. Another user says that her ex hated her favorite CD so much that she ended up throwing it out the window in the middle of the road. And there is no shortage of the classic ones of “refusing to turn on the air conditioning” or “they criticize your driving style.”

«Driving is just another part of our daily lives. We know that many of our most memorable episodes have happened in the car and with our platform we want to transform the vision of trips to turn them into a moment that truly adds value to the driver,” the company says.

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