BMW 5 Series: setting the bar for premium

If there is an icon of German sports sedans, which encapsulate classic Teutonic seriousness with hyper-competition, this is the BMW 5 Series. The only thing it could be accused of, really, is having a design that is too clever for some. engines and chassis destined to travel hundreds of kilometers of Autobahn. And fast.

It is not for nothing that the M5, the sportiest trim in this range, almost always tops the rankings of high-performance sedans. The first Series 5 arrived in 1972 and now, eight generations later, it arrives with a zero-emissions variant.

Since then, it is evident that a lot has changed. But one of the most notable aspects is size. With each subsequent generation since the 1970s, the 5 Series has gotten larger. The 2024 one is, in fact, as big as a previous-generation 7 Series.

To hide it, the Bavarian designers have opted for an optical trick: they have painted the lower part of the body in black to make the silhouette more slender. Good job, because the car is more than five meters long.

However, the applause is deserved – once again – by the German engineers, since they have managed to make a 1,800 kilo car (almost 2,400 in the electric version) drive with agility and comfort.

In fact, if you opt for the i5 M60 version, the most powerful at the moment – ​​an M5 cannot be missing, which will arrive later –, with 601 horsepower, it is capable of reaching 100 km/h from a standstill in 3.8 seconds. thanks to a ‘launch control’ that, together with the sound designed by Hans Zimmer himself, is addictive.

If you have self-control and do not abuse high performance, the i5 M60 is capable of reaching 516 kilometers of autonomy. From here we already warned that recording these figures is difficult.

Interior of the BMW 5 Series.


BMW 5 Series: setting the bar for premium

The starting price for the top-of-the-range electric model is 115,000 euros – there is a 340 HP version for 75,000 – but you can also opt for combustion models with light hybridization. These can be gasoline (520i, with 208 HP) or diesel (520d, with 197 HP). The latter start at 60,000 euros.

In addition, the 530e and 550e plug-in hybrids will arrive early next year, with 299 and 489 HP, respectively. The entire Series 5 range therefore has Zero or Eco labels from the DGT.

Inside, the 5 Series takes inspiration from its older brother, the recently introduced 7 Series. The multimedia system is intuitive, agile and has a good resolution. It can be controlled with voice commands, with the touch screen or with a wheel near the gear selector, which is always automatic. Honorable mention goes to the HUD, possibly the most advanced on the market, with a good GPS projection.

The seats are perfect for spending many hours sitting in them. The Bavarian brand once again sets the bar for what a premium sedan has to aspire to in the mid-2020s.

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