Audi S5 Coupé, an ode to sports diesels

Diesel engines are associated with low rpm torque deliveries. As such, it is common to find them in vehicles designed to cross rough terrain, in SUVs and tractors. Due to its contained consumption, there was a boom in its popularity in Europe, where fuel prices are considerably higher than in America.

Gasoline engines are simpler to build, lighter and are capable of delivering more power at higher revs, so they were an obvious choice when developing a sports car.

However the Audi S5 Coupe It is not a wild sports car, like an R8 from the same brand could be, which shares practically all the mechanical elements with the Lamborghini Huracán. Audi has already fired the supercar in its combustion version and it will be less and less common to find a diesel engine like the current S4 or S5 uses in the future.

The brand of the four rings It has won the best engine of the year award several timeswith its five-cylinder in-line being one of the most successful – it is available in the TT RS and the RS5 – but the 347-horsepower diesel V6 is not short: it is a delight.

In a display of complexity worthy of the Volkswagen Group, it has a light hybridization system that gives it 11 more horsepower, but especially, the Eco label. In addition, like a good diesel engine, it delivers 700 Nm of torque from below on the rev counter and is fast: reaches 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds.

Inside, it is everything you could ask for from an Audi: modern, elegant and sober. Almost as if a group of Bauhaus designers had agreed to create a pleasant and practical environment in which to spend much of the day. Because let’s face it, it probably is.

The interior style is that of the previous generation – recognizable because it has the multimedia volume control on the center console – but it is still an excellent design for the cabin of a vehicle, with elements that are reminiscent of aeronautics without falling into theatricality and everything feels solid and high quality.

The S5 is an everyday car that can perform perfectly in almost any situation, but where it really shines is as a ‘grand tourer’, a vehicle to take on the road on long trips and at high speeds, given that It has enviable poise on the asphalt.

In city centers, with tight parking spaces, the S5 is not in its natural habitat, but it handles itself with ease anyway. Being a vehicle designed for the driver, there is not much priority for the rear seats: space is limited and access is not easy. But it is a price that must be paid with this silhouette.

For a driver who is more aware of the comfort of his passengers but wants to continue enjoying a similar interior and the same V6 diesel engine, there is the also impressive Audi S4 Avant. The S5 starts at 83,200 euroswhile his brother with the familiar silhouette makes it from 81,840.

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