A goal in added time leaves ‘Mone’ without the first victory of the year

And goal in the last minute has prevented CP Monastery get one victoria that he was already caressing with his hands on this Sunday morning. After a game without many chances, but with a goal in favor of the locals, who took the lead on the scoreboard, C.D. Zafra unexpectedly achieved the distribution of points in the Municipal last hour.

At twelve o’clock The initial whistle could be heard in the Municipal, a prelude to a close first half, but which ended no goals and with few shots on goal. The excitement awaited the players, fans and coaching staff in the second half, who finished the game in disbelief. For better and for worse.

The first minutes had barely begun when Umarone of the latest additions to the yellow team, achieved fit the ball into the visiting goal. However, this move was not enough. Antonio Pavoncleared by the visiting goalkeeper, but finished off and converted into a goal by Umar who set the score 1-0.

When it seemed that everything was done and that there was no time for more, football surprised. Grateful for the almost ten minutes off that the referee added, CD Zafra achieved draw a match that already seemed impossible. Floresone of their players, took advantage of a corner to finish and tie the match after the minute 97. Meanwhile, the players of both teams saw some yellow cards; and a red card left the visiting team with one less.

It was not possible for Mone to make up for the 2-1 score at home in the first round. Bench, stands and yellow players saw how about three points disappeared that already seemed in the pocket.


This fourteenth day It has barely caused any changes in the league standings. Both rivals, CD Zafra and CP Monesterio, maintain the same positions as a week ago: fourth and tenths, respectively. Of course, with one more point each. For its part, the UD Fountain of Songs continues to lead the competition.

Meanwhile, the yellows are still waiting to play the match that covid-19 forced to suspend last week. For now, it is scheduled to be held next Wednesday, February 9, at 9 p.m. at the Municipal.

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